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Arosa - Kitzbuhel - Austria

The Arosa is a majestic hotel built in the style of a Bavarian castle, just a few minutes walk from the central street of Kitzbuhel.
This establishment is surprising in that the traditional exterior hides a thoroughly modern interior which benefits from high ceilings, large windows and contemporary furniture.
Here you will also find excellent amenities, such as three restaurants, numerous lounges, a 3000 sq.m Spa with indoor and outdoor pool, as well as a dedicated children’s area with professional nannies and daycare facilities.
The Arosa is a grand establishment which combines comfort, luxury and wellbeing in equal measure.

Riffelalp Resort 2222

Riffelalp Resort 2222 - Ζερμάτ - Ελβετία

The Riffelalp Resort 2222m. is located high above the village of Zermatt, and is reached via the train which departs from the Gornergrat mountain railway.

The unique location offers two major benefits: firstly, there are wonderful panoramic views over the surrounding valleys and the Matterhorn, secondly it provides a wonderful setting for parents to relax and children to play.

There are two styles of rooms to choose from: "Nostaliga" which are decorated in the hotel's traditional style and "Chalet" which have a lighter brighter interior. Guests also have two restaurants to choose from and can also take advantage of an early ‘kid’s dinner’ for their young ones.

The pool and Spa complex is also quite excellent and offers a large choice of saunas and hamams as well as a beautiful pool.

St. Moritz

Το πρώτο χιονοδρομικό κέντρο στον κόσμο δημιουργήθηκε όταν, το 19ο αιώνα, η αγγλική αριστοκρατία ανακάλυψε τα όμορφα χιονισμένα βουνά του St. Moritz.

Με τη φήμη του να εξαπλώνεται διαρκώς, σήμερα παραμένει ένας από τους λίγους χειμερινούς προορισμούς για σκι και snowboard, που καταφέρνει να διατηρεί την αίγλη του παρελθόντος. Μετά από μια βόλτα στο λαμπερό ιστορικό κέντρο της πόλης, τα διάσημα καταστήματα και εστιατόρια, θα αισθανθείτε και εσείς την ποιότητα και αρχοντιά που αποπνέει το St. Moritz.

Αλλά, μην ξεχνάτε το σκι. Με 350χλμ. πίστες και 2 snow parks είναι μια ιδιαίτερα ελκυστική πρόταση για τους μεσαίους και προχωρημένους σκιέρ.

Το St. Moritz συνδυάζει τη γοητεία της κοσμικής ζωής με τις συγκινήσεις του σκί, όπως μόνο λίγα θέρετρα το επιτυγχάνουν. Για αυτό και είναι κάθε χρόνο σημείο συνάντησης του διεθνούς jet set.

St. Moritz - Ελβετία

Δείτε ξενοδοχεία πολυτελείας στο St. Moritz:

Badrutt's Palace Hotel - St. Moritz - Switzerland

When looking at Saint Moritz, you cannot miss the Palace. Its imposing structure sits in the heart of the village overlooking the lake and surrounding areas.

The first thing which impresses its privileged visitors is the sheer size of the place: large lounges with huge windows presenting stunning views over the valley, restaurants, bars and even a theatre.

The rooms are luxurious and manage to maintain a classical look while remaining fresh and welcoming. There is a large swimming pool and spa area, as well as a wing dedicated to young children supervised by nannies.

When the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains opened its doors in 2002 it offered a fresh approach to the St. Moritz experience.

This hotel has foregone the classical approach and has adopted a modern design with simpler lines and lighter colours. The rooms are large and comfortable and have wonderful modern bathrooms.


There are many people who have never skied, there are few people however, who have never heard of Gstaad.

It is small and enticing and has long been a favorite destination of the rich and famous. In its picturesque pedestrian main street, lined with the traditional wooden chalets, you will find luxury beyond expectations. Exclusive boutiques which seduce with objects of desire, restaurants which are temples of haute cuisine and chic cafes all create the glamorous scenery adored by the jet-set.

The grand social life, combined with attractive ski runs which are especially suited for beginners and intermediates, are the very reason for which Gstaad lies at the heart of the connoisseurs which come every winter from all over the world.

Gstaad - Switzerland

Δείτε ξενοδοχεία πολυτελείας στο Γκστάαντ.

The Palace is more than a grand hotel, it is the social centre of Gstaad. Its majestic presence overlooks the surrounding landscape and offers beautiful views over the village and mountains.

The Scherz family, who own and manage this establishment, are particularly meticulous about maintaining a very high quality of service. The staff always provides a warm welcome and strives to ensure that your every needs are met.

Located close to the centre of Gstaad, this is a wonderfully quiet and luxurious hotel. The decor is very much in the style of an English country house and provides a homely, cosy feeling.

This hotel is devoted to rest and relaxation. The rooms are particularly spacious and very well appointed. In addition, there is a comfortable spa, a pool warmed to 32o, a billiard room and a bridge room with a bridge hostess who is always at hand. There are also four restaurants to choose

The Parc is all about offering serenity in a luxurious environment in which to relax and unwind.

The Grand Hotel Bellevue is located in a private park about 3 minutes walk from Gstaad’s central promenade.

The interior is strikingly modern and provides a refreshing and relaxing ambience in which to enjoy the many benefits offered by this establishment. There are two excellent restaurants to choose from, as well as three bars and even a private movie theatre. In addition, the Spa and pool complex is certainly one of the best to be found in Gstaad.

The bedrooms which have a modern colourful style are highly comfortable and are further enhanced by some superb bathrooms.


Courchevel: a name representing the good life, magnificent skiing, trendy night life and gourmet pleasures.

A name comprising four villages, in different altitudes, with different characters but with one point in common: the irresistible charm of the Trois Vallees, the biggest ski area in the world. Le Praz in Courchevel 1300 will enchant you with its traditional allure.

The small and pleasant 1550 offers you an intimate feeling of hospitality. Moriond in 1650 is the most modern with a youthful atmosphere. Higher than the others and closer to the stars, a jewel in a grand natural setting, lies the cosmopolitan Courchevel 1850. Famous hotels defining the epitome of luxury, award winning restaurants, seductive clubs, stylish cafes and lavish boutiques, attract privileged guests from all over the world. From easy and picturesque runs through the forest to some of the most spectacular descents in the Alps, the 600 kilometers of the Trois Vallees promise unforgettable experiences for every one.

Courchevel - France

Δείτε ξενοδοχεία πολυτελείας στην Κουρσεβέλ:

Kilimanjaro - Courchevel - France

Le Kilimanjaro is unique in that it is made up of 11 chalets. With only 35 rooms, this is a wonderfully exclusive boutique hotel.

The hotel is located above the village next to the runs, and provides wonderful views over the surrounding mountains. The decoration is simple, yet luxurious and offers a genuine example of the local alpine style. The rooms are particularly comfortable and you can even rent whole chalets for up to 12 people, each of which has a living room on the top floor.

The Cheval Blanc is a new luxury hotel which opened its doors in December of 2006. With only 22 rooms, a Spa by Givenchy and the largest Suite covering over 500 sq. meters it promises to be a world-class establishment.

Le Saint Joseph - Courchevel - France

The Saint Joseph is located in the centre of the village, and is within easy walking distance to all of Courchevel’s restaurants and shops.

Seldom will you find a hotel with such character in a ski resort. With 11 rooms and 3 apartments, the Saint Joseph provides a wonderful feel of cosiness and exclusivity. Every room is individually decorated with real antiques and pieces of art.

The apartments are in a league of their own: with 3 or 4 bedrooms, a lavish sitting room, a large dining table as well as their own sauna and Jacuzzi, they are the epitome of luxury.


No description available.

Barcelona - Spain


Paris is one of the most beautiful and romantic city in the world. World class museums, wonderful hotels, superb restaurants and glamorous boutiques are all waiting to be discovered.

Paris - France

Δείτε ξενοδοχεία πολυτελείας στο Παρίσι.

The Hotel Murano describes itself as an urban resort and truly provides a wonderful way to get away from it all, in style.

Located in the trendy area of Marais in the 3rd arrondissement it is in close proximity to numerous fashion boutiques and contemporary art galleries.

This is a place where contemporary design reigns supreme. Clean lines, modern amenities and totally adjustable lighting are a feature of every room. This hotel does however remain true to traditional values, such as supremely comfortable beds and good service.


Milan is a quintessentially Italian city which exudes style and character. A favored destination of th international jet set, it provides a wonderful combination of culture and lifestyle.

Milan - Italy

Δείτε ξενοδοχεία πολυτελείας στο Μιλάνο.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Milan was originally a convent built in the XVth Century. It is ideally situated: right in the fashion district and in close proximity to the Duomo.

Numerous features of the original building have been retained including a few beautiful frescoes which still adorn the walls. In stark opposition to a number of new and modern hotels, this establishment has retained its historical character and charm.

The Bulgari hotel is located in one of Milan’s most stylish area in a quiet alcove off via Monte di Pieta. Set within a 4,000 sq. meter garden it offers an oasis of calm in the heart of the city.


Rome is the cradle of Italian civilization and here you can discover the history of this wonderful nation and witness the way in which it has developed throughout the centuries.

Rome - Italy

Δείτε ξενοδοχεία πολυτελείας στη Ρώμη.

Located in the heart of the city, right next to the Spanish steps, the Hallser hotel has been welcoming its guests for over a century.

This is one of the Original grand hotels and has remained under the management of the Wirth family since the 1920s. It is luxuriously appointed throughout and benefits from beautiful views over the city.

The staff is both friendly and professional and has often been commended for the quality of the service which they offer.

You will particularly enjoy the breakfast room and the Welness club with their panoramic views over the City.


The internationally renowned Kitzbuhel is one of the most popular winter resorts in Austria. The medieval village, which has been beautifully maintained will inevitably charm you with its unique splendor.

On the mountain, an impressive network of spectacular runs offer a multitude of choices and are especially suited to beginners and intermediates. Freeriders will also love the snow-park which has a half-pipe, a border-cross as well as jumps.

The après ski in Kitzbuhel is legendary and has something to fulfill everyone’s wishes. Stylish boutiques, delightful restaurants, a casino, vibrant bars and clubs, all conspire to make the perfect atmosphere for a truly exciting holiday.

Kitzbuhel - Austria

Δείτε ξενοδοχεία πολυτελείας στο Κίτσμπουχελ.

Weisses Rossl - Kitzbuhel - Austria

The Weisses Rossl is located in the heart of Kitzbuhel’s historical center.

This establishment is lavishly decorated and exudes an air of luxury. Here you will enjoy services of the highest level from the dedicated staff, in a privileged and opulent setting. , you will be looked after like royalty.

The rooms are lavishly appointed offer a choice of decorations which ranges from traditional to modern. The Spa is also noteworthy, both for the quality of its facilities and the superb treatments which are on offer.

Arosa - Kitzbuhel - Austria

The Arosa is a majestic hotel built in the style of a Bavarian castle, just a few minutes walk from the central street of Kitzbuhel.
This establishment is surprising in that the traditional exterior hides a thoroughly modern interior which benefits from high ceilings, large windows and contemporary furniture.
Here you will also find excellent amenities, such as three restaurants, numerous lounges, a 3000 sq.m Spa with indoor and outdoor pool, as well as a dedicated children’s area with professional nannies and daycare facilities.

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